Art Pirate Balu from Italy

Piraten Collective
May 17, 2018

HUGE walls, Grafitti and Tattoo art

It's one and a half years ago, that I began a wine plant tattoo on the back of my friend Philipp. After this long time that we tried to arrange a visit to finish it, finally, we got the opportunity.

The project got to be more interesting, at the moment he mentions that I could paint some huge walls at the winery as well.

On a Monday afternoon, I arrived in the south of Germany and Philipp and his mother picked me up, at the closest train station. Just 15 minutes later, we arrived and I met all the members of the family and some old friends who were also working there. I felt the flow on the same evening and therefore I was able to start my HUGE wall, in the next morning.

The hospitality was lovely, I had some really good days with amazing comfort! Let me explain, I was eating good food and shared my time with friends and family who really let me feel at home. After a few days, my two walls got to be done, and finally, I had the time to work on Philipp's tattoo.

After all that time it was good to finish my projects there and to be out of the city rhythm. For me get in a relaxed environment which made me stay!

I can't wait to get back there, for some more lovely times!

PS next time I will bring back some wine with me, the white one was unforgettable!

Best greeting Balu

Written by Balu and corrected by the Pirate Collective

Balu hinterlässt seinen Handabdruck, an der Piraten-Wand
Fast fertig im Vinetum und ein Werk welches jeder Besucher bestaunen kann.
Des Winzers persönliche Empfehlung